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As part of our commitment to our community and our customers, New Beginnings Auto Body, Inc. made the investment necessary to perform Aluminum repairs correctly and ensure our customers safety. Our technicians have been certified in Aluminum Welding and Repairs and we are equipped with all the Ford approved Alimunum Repair tools, equipment, and procedures required to be recognized as a Ford Aluminum Repair Capable Facility.

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New Beginnings Auto Body Inc. is committed to  providing our customers and our community with safe, high quality, state of the art repairs with superior customer service. New Beginnings Auto Body only employs the best technicians. As our slogan says : We care for your vehicle as if it were our own”, and to that end we ensure that our customers safety and complete satisfaction is our priority.


With the new all Aluminum Body F-150’s being released this year by Ford Motor Company, it is imperative that your vehicle is fixed correctly. This F-150 is made of high strength military grade aluminum alloy that requires specific tools and procedures to during the repair process to assure that the vehicle is repaired correctly. Without these Ford approved tools, procedures and training improper repairs could result and the structural integrity of your vehicle could be compromised. No need to worry though because New Beginnings Auto Body, Inc. is a recognized Aluminum Repair Facility with Certified Aluminum Repair and Welding Technicians.

New Beginnings Auto Body Inc. is the only Independent Collision Repair Facility in this area that is recognized by Ford Motor Company and is part of the Ford National Body Shop Network. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipments, and our technicians have been Certified in Aluminum Repairs, New Beginnings Auto Body, Inc. is excited and prepared for this new era in vehicle repairs.


New Beginnings Auto Body is Assured Performance Certified shop, and can be found on their certified shop locator, as well as on Ford Motor Company’s page as a Collision Center Facility in the Ford National Body Shop Network.

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Less than 10% of over 30,000 repair shops in the country are aluminum certified

As a Ford National Body Shop Network Facility, we are equipped to repair your 2015 F-150, as well as all other aluminum repairs and welding your vehicle may need. Call 757-888-2394 today to schedule your repair work and get your FREE estimate!

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